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Welcome to my blog page! 

I often said that blogging or writing will never ever be my "thing" but here we are. I knew that when I added a "Blog" tab on my website, I needed to be ready to share ME to the world. I guess I am now. You made that possible, reader. 

I knew I needed a space to write my thoughts, my stories, and my experiences.  I needed a space where I could share my musings to all of you - may it be about work or life in general. 

be universally available

Be Universally Available

Part of the “How can I start working online?” question is the question, “Where should I start working online?” Great question! Most Filipino Online Freelancers out there would give you one answer: Upwork. I, on the other hand, would not give you this answer.


"How to be you, po?"

I have always cringed on this question. Yes, yes...I know what you are thinking... I should be flattered. I should be happy someone wants to be like me. I should be humbled that someone messaged me enough to ask how they can be like me.

blog - 040117

Lessons of team work & collaboration

I have “officially” launched REA Solutions as REA Solutions last July 2016. I mean, it was already REA Solutions for a long time but with only one team member – ME! Last July 2016, I wanted to grow and delve a bit of project management but still be able to do what I do best – thus I had an “official” launched.

33 lessons

33 Lessons I Learned As I Turn 33

1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. You know the saying “keep it real”? It’s true. 2. You are never too old to learn new things. Discover. Make that curious kid in you alive again.