Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


I cannot say enough about Rea!!! She is the BEST VA on the planet! Her support is invaluable in my business. Whether its the fast pace of a launch or just the weekly business tasks, Rea can handle it all! Seriously, I don’t think there is anything she cannot do! She gets it done, and she gets it done fast! The best part about working with Rea is that I never have to worry about projects once she gets a hold of them because I know they will be done on time and with excellent execution! She really sets the standard for Virtual Assistants! I am so glad she is in my life! LOL

~Dr. Tracy Timberlake

Rea has been a true angel in my business. Running a business and being in school on top of regular responsibilities would be so overwhelming if not for her. I can actually focus on creating content and servicing clients instead of all the other non-income generating tasks I had to do before. The best investment I have made to date in my business is getting her.

~ Indira Pierrot

I love your work. And most of all, I so love your taking initiative and truly have my best interest at heart. Nothing better when you have a team you can trust in biz and life.

~ Whitney Mullings

There isn’t enough positive to say. We ended up paying her well over what she asked because things got done on time, very well, and in less time than we anticipated. Her professionalism and incredible English language skills were matched by her wit and inviting demeanor. Very highly recommended.

~ Kevin Voisin

It is an absolute joy working with you. You are a dream to work with. There is nothing like having amazing people as part of your circle. Thank you for making me look AWESOME!!

~ Alycia Huston

Rea has been my assistant for a little while now and I knew when I hired her she was intelligent and capable but now that I see her in action I’m amazed. It’s like knowing LeBron James is a great basketball player and then you get him on your team and he wins you the championship. It’s mind-blowing.

~ Shane Allyne