Replay: It’s All About BRANDING and PROFILE

In this FREE Q and A, you will:

  • Uncover what composes a good online profile that will get you hired by your ideal clients.
  • Know the value of an online profile and how important it is in getting clients.
  • Discover why having a brand that speaks about who you are and what you do is paramount to online work.

About the presentors:

About Rea Yadao

I am the Founder of REA Solutions and we have been providing remote executive assistant services and back office solutions to clients located around the globe since 2013. Prior to working online, I have 10 years experience working in the BPO industry providing customer care and technical support wherein 6 of these years were done as a Team Leader.

I am also an Online Jobs Coach and creator of the REA Virtuoso Training Program that teaches online freelancers on how to provide excellent administrative services to their clients. My students regard the course and our Facebook group as a place of learning and one of the most supportive places online. 

About Marge Aberasturi

Marge is a happy and fulfilled, work-at-home, homeschooling mom of three. She started her virtual assistance service in 2006 when she left her corporate career to personally take care of her children. She is very career-driven so it was a surprise to everyone when she chose to be a WAHM versus a job promotion. She created a new career for herself right within the four corners of her home.

As Marge simply puts it, it’s simply about doing something you are passionate about, committing to doing it for the long haul, being happy with it and enjoying the financial rewards. That’s how she became The Happy WAHM.