REA Virtuoso Training

What is R.E.A Virtuoso Training?

Remote Executive Assistant Virtuoso Training is an 8-week live training program  for new and experienced online freelancers that would like to provide high level administrative services to their clients.  

The goal of the program is to make you do ordinary virtual administrative  tasks extraordinarily well. This program is created to teach you how to brand your services, gear you up for project management, sharpen your organizational skills and hone your communication skills.

The REA Virtuoso Training is more than just providing you with the tools you would need to give excellent administrative services. It not only aims to give you confidence in yourself but also on how you can market the skills that you will learn so you can be hired by your ideal clients, make big money doing what you love and living the life you have always dreamed of.

This training program is for:

  • Upcoming online freelancers that would like to niche in providing administrative services and back-office support  to their potential clients.
  • Existing online professionals that would like to master project management, branding and communication.
  • Online professionals that would like to add administrative skills to their arsenal so they can provide more services to their clients.

Orientation starts this November 20, 2016

PAY IN FULL: PHP 4,500.00

PAYMENT PLAN: PHP 1,750.00 X 3

What’s included in this program?

1.Modules for each lesson and milestone map to check your progress.

2.Video and Audio Training about each lesson including tutorials for platforms or programs that will be discussed on each module.

3.Live Q&A calls every week until you finish the program so you can ask me and everyone in the course your questions and give us updates on what you have been doing.

4.Exclusive access to a Facebook Group for the Remote Executive Administrative Virtuoso Training program.

Program Overview


  1. How to prepare yourself doing online jobs and set yourself for success!
  2. Know what a Remote Administrative Assistant is – what clients expect from you and how you can meet these expectations and be the star that you are.
  3.  Discover the do’s and dont’s of providing quality administrative work in a remote setting.

Lesson One: The Remote Administrative Assistant Branding

  1. Learn how to build a SALEABLE online profile and make your niche as a remote administrative assistant shine!
  2. Create an effective online presence where clients know who you are and what you offer.
  3. Discover my branding strategies and how I was able to get clients immediately as a remote administrative assistant.

Lesson Two: The Art of Project Management

  1. Discover what project management is and how important it is for remote work.
  2. Learn more about project management platforms such as Basecamp, Freedcamp, Smart Sheet and Podio
  3. Discover the project manager guru in you by learning to-do lists such as Trello, Google Keep, and more.

Lesson Three: The Wonderful World of Email and Business Correspondence

  1. Learn how to write effective emails so they can be read and understood not just by your clients but by your client’s clients as well.
  2. Discover the basics of Google Business Email and how you can use it for your brand and services.
  3. Learn email management and how you can offer this service to your clients.
  4. Find out how you can track emails with the proper tools so you will know that your email has been read and received.

Lesson Four: Mastering Calendaring and Scheduling

  1. Know the basics of Google Calendar and how you can use it for your business and for your clients as well.
  2. Discover how calendaring works in a project management platform like Basecamp.
  3. Use the proper tools that can help you manage your client’s schedule and offer calendar management as a premium service.

Lesson Five: The Beauty of Word Processing

  1. Learn how to effectively use word processing software and platforms like MS Word and Google Docs to provide excellent administrative service to your clients.
  2. Discover how you can utilize using Google Drive for your business and that of your client.
  3. Learn how to create PDFs and add PDF creation as one of your skills.

Lesson Six: Communicating and Sharing

  1. Learn about telephony and communication tools properly and learn how you can use it in talking to your clients.
  2. Learn more about VoIP and how you can use it for your business as a remote administrative assistant.
  3. Discover how you can use cloud servers to effectively share files and work product to your clients.
  4. Utilize screen sharing tools for better client communication.

Lesson Seven: It’s all about the Clients

  1. Learn my highly effective strategies on how to sell yourself to potential clients as a Remote Administrative Assistant.
  2. Create an onboarding system once a client said “Yes” to your services.
  3. Discover the art of client management and how it will fit to your business model.
  4. Learn Client relations and what are the best ways in talking to your client regarding tasks and payment.


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Orientation starts this November 20, 2016

PAY IN FULL: PHP 4,500.00

PAYMENT PLAN: PHP 1,750.00 X 3