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Tatlong Buwang walang client Freelancer

This is the type of freelancer that has been trying to look for clients for months and has not yet gotten one. He/she used up all their connects in Upwork and passed a lot of proposals in and but still no clients!

Pangakong Napako Freelancer

This is the type of freelancer that was promised by another coaching program that he/she will learn a lot and will be able to get clients after paying for the pricey program but never got to interact or talked to the program creator and never got the results she was promised.​

Nagkaduling Duling Sa Dami Freelancer

This is the type of freelancer that is experiencing information overload - overload from all the content available online and overload from the possible services that he/she can offer. This is the type of freelancer that just doesn't know where to start

Let's Talk...

Whatever type of freelancer you are from the choices above…YOU ARE HERE!

You have made the first step and that’s what’s important! And you are reading this so give me about 10 minutes or less (if you are a fast reader it would be lesser).

I’m going back to mentoring 🎉🎉🎉(YEYYY!) Well, more of mentoring affordably. I never liked expensive programs that give a lot of promise but does not really DELIVER😭😭😭.

Here are two things I want you to know:

  1. I’m honest. So I will mentor you with no sugar coating.
  2. I will be your cheerleader thru and thru.

If you are still with me so far, I have two offers for you. 

The Offers

The Offers

Know-All-I-Know Mentorship Program

PHP 5,000(full payment)

This is a tailor-fit one-on-one intensive mentorship program that is created to address what you need to know to be successful! This is program is very interactive because we get to talk weekly on the schedule we have agreed upon where I will teach you what you want to know and will give you tips and tricks on how to do it better.

The program consists of: 


  • We can divide each session per category e.g. admin support, social media, project management, etc.
  • We can also talk about anything you need support with.
  • All 4 session topics will be totally up to you and what you need to know that is covered by all the services I offer to clients (e.g. if you want to learn how to use ActiveCampaign, I will show you how to use it and how to set up automation and campaigns)

I love giving out bonuses so as a bonus, should you wish to create your own website and pay for your own hosting and domain, I will show you how to create your website from scratch and will tackle each page so that it is suitable for your business and we will build it in such a way that clients would go to your site and acquire your services. 

What I’m saying is, I’ll teach you WordPress or Wix or Squarespace or whatever platform you wish to create your site with and I’ll teach you how to make it saleable.


I am investing my time on you as well and my skills so you are not the only one making the investment. 

I love you for being a follower and a fan but this is non-negotiable because I want you to invest in yourself and to trust ME.

You start when you’re ready. You will know when it’s time. No presh! But once you have decided, it’s going to be awesome!

The 2 Hour Quickie

PHP 1,250(full payment)

This offer is for those “HELP ME ASAP” situations or “You need to talk to someone for direction kind of thing” or “You need clarity and guidance-I-don’t-know-what-to-do” situations.

I’ll be THAT help! You can use this session to get un stuck, learn something you want to leanr that is in my list of services.

It will be amazing what you can learn in 2 hours!


Anything you want to learn that I offer. If you need a reference, you can check my whole list of services thru this link –

Php 1,250 without any payment plan.

I love you for being a follower and a fan but this is non-negotiable because I want you to invest in yourself and to trust me.

You start when you’re ready. You will know when it’s time. No presh! But once you have decided, it’s going to be awesome!

If motivation, flexibility, and personal approach are what you're looking for then you better enroll in coach Rea's class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and to those aspiring to build their online freelancing career.What I like about her is that she makes each of our training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
Vanessa Barrientos Jalog
Fearless, she tells you stuff as it is, Committed to her work and her word, she means what she says and says what she means. Her confidence inspires you to be the same as a solopreneur. As a coach, she shares what she knows as she believes there is more than enough clients for everyone, and she's genuinely happy for other people's success
Claire Felices

I got you interested?

I got you interested?

Let me introduce myself just in case you don’t know me yet. 

I’m Rea Yadao. I’m an Online Business Solutions provider a.k.a one-stop-shop that supports coaches,consultants, creatives, business owners with admin work to digital marketing to content creation to web design , a bit of video editing and I dabble on graphic design as well – so my clients can be free on focusing on their existing clients, bring in new clients and do what they do best while I do the boring office stuff.

I am also an Online Jobs Coach. I spearheaded the launch of the Remote Administrative Assistant Training thru Online Jobs University. I also went around the country together with the Department of Information, Communications and Technology teaching people about online jobs thru the Rural Impact Sourcing program. I was the creator of the REA Virtuoso Training Program and the Digital Ninja Starter pack.

If you are interested in any of these offers, message me. 

Don't believe me? Check them out!

Rochelle Notorio
Rochelle Notorio
REA Masterclass Course is jampacked with information that will guide newbies to start their freelancing journey. The guides are superb and easy to understand.
Percy Lara
Percy Lara
Coach never think twice to help me proofread my wix site.I'm getting good feedbacks for it. Thank you coach, for answering everytime I'm into being confuse. I'm really looking forward for your classes.
Kath Amaro Casimiro
Kath Amaro Casimiro
Just finished her latest webinar today, it was a great experience very informative and fun. Will definitely look forward for more topics. Thanks
Marge Aberasturi
Marge Aberasturi
Rea is one of the few people in the industry who has the versatility, the drive, and the dedication that I would look for in a virtual assistant. She talks straight and is never afraid to voice out her opinion. She's also quick to assist fellow VAs who need direction and guidance. From one VA to another, you're rocking it, Rea!
MaJann Lazo
MaJann Lazo
Ms. Rea is very much attentive to your queries and concerns.She will gladly answer your questions and willingly assist you to achieve your goal. She has a kind heart to extend help whenever you have dilemmas or problems. She has a genuine concern in helping you grow your business and your knowledge in facebook or in any other aspect of life.
Warren Endino
Warren Endino
Best coach when it comes to online jobs, she will help you get clients! Ma'am Rea is the best when it comes to coaching VAs. Marami kang matutunan sa kanya and will sure help you to be successful VA because of techniques she is teaching everyone who want to be a VA. I highly recommend enrolling courses to Ma'am Rea.

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