Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire me?

Let me make this simple for you: When I help you create that website or build that landing page or put together that freebie or set up your email automation or create that on-brand Facebook banner for you and all of those tasks that YOU ARE REALLY NOT AN EXPERT of you save TIME.

And time is THAT precious commodity that you will never ever get back. Instead of wasting YOUR PRECIOUS TIME figuring things out you could be out there 1)looking for clients 2)creating content that your clients and target audience will love 3)spending time for yourself- taking that much needed break and giving yourself a fresh start 4)spend time with family or friends or go to that family dinner or that picnic or check out that new restaurant…I can go on and on and on but I think you get my drift here.

Me being able to help you have time gives you more space to do more.

I don’t have the power to turn back time but I can give you more time for doing what you love by taking care of the bulk of the work that takes a lot of your time.

How do you contact me?

I can be reached via email at or you can message me on Facebook or via Instagram which is @reayadao.

What do I use for file sharing?

I have my own DropBox Account where I currently have 1 TB of storage and I can allot a special folder just for you for file sharing. I can also share documents via Google Drive where I have Google Business.

What are the terms of contract?

As soon as we agreed on the work schedule, the work hours, the scope of work and the hourly rate – I will send you a Contract-Terms of Agreement that we will both sign. If your business requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement, I am willing to sign the said document as soon as employment terms have been discussed and finalized.

What are my working hours?

I can work at any time zone that we have agreed upon. I do not follow a strict schedule and I do not have any problems working on weekends without any additional charges.

I would not be able to provide an exact timetable on how many hours a particular task/project might take but I would be able to give a ballpark figure based on my experience working with other clients. 

How can you pay me?

I charge at an hourly rate or you can avail of my retainer packages. As my client, I believe that you should get your money’s worth and I follow the “no work – no pay” policy.  I prefer to be paid via Transferwise, Remitly or Payoneer. I prefer to be paid monthly and I send my timesheet and invoice at the end of each month. Payment is due upon the receipt of invoice.