Corona Virus. Covid-19. The novel virus that the whole world is fighting over. It’s infecting and killing people regardless of sex, religion, political stand or nationality. The whole world is sick and suffering.

I never really listen to the news before as I never liked politics nor current events but I have been dousing myself with information about this virus. I’ve been watching endless videos from several countries on how they are fighting this disease and I have been on a daily lookout for new updates on what is happening in my country, my province, my city. It’s currently all eyes and ears to everything.

The world as we know it has changed drastically in a matter of months and priorities have changed too. That is a fact.

But another fact we need to think about is what we can do now. Maybe like me, you are at home thinking about what to do. And to the haters and trolls that could be reading this, my post is only applicable to those that run their businesses at home or plan to start working at home.

As a business owner, you might have stopped running ads to save money during this time. You might even have stopped posting content due to fear of being called insensitive or maybe you have not yet found something to send to your audience that can be RELATED to what is currently happening and remain empathetic yet also business-like.

I have been an Online Business Solutions Provider for seven years and counting and through experience here are 5 ways that you can do for your business while you are at home:

There is no time like the present. You are homebound and you are pretty much homebound for a couple of weeks. If your business is new or if you have not had the time to create a website yet, do so now. Plan your website. Research on what is the best hosting service to use. Check on what domain to use that would resonate with your audience. Think about your brand and how it would reflect on your website. Do you need to hire a Web Designer or are you willing to D-I-Y the whole thing? Since you are at home, this is one way that you can gain traction once everything goes back.

Yes, I know it’s March already and you should have done this last January but you can still map your content and make it relevant or if you already have a content calendar made, maybe you need to pivot it to make it relevant to what is happening right now.

You have stopped posting for your business because more important things are happening in the world right now. I get you. But then, think about it…your audience are also at home and they are all online so this is the best time to create posts that would resonate with your audience. You can also create posts for future content so when crunch time happened, you have a lot of content to share.

Huh? You might be asking what do I mean by that? Maybe you already have a website but you have not yet put tags, keywords, or assigned categories to your blogs. You might not have set a featured image to each page of your site – now is the right time to do that since you are at home and online. Maybe you can also consult an SEO expert (if you have the budget) on how to do it or you can Youtube your way into it and D-I-Y it.

Creating a new course for your audience or a new eBook or a new freebie takes time to do. You have it right now. Grab your computer and think about an online course that your audience would love and start creating the content, start designing the modules, start recording the videos so when it’s GO time, your next task is to promote it. The content has already been done and perfected.

There will be a Part 2 of this blog. I didn’t want to give you a long read and bore you into reading this so I only listed 5. I have 5 more coming so wait for that.

And on a personal note, I know all of us are going thru tough times now. And your business and family too. Please know that you are not alone. The whole world is going through it. Never forget that YOU are resilient. You are creative. You are innovative and most of all you are strong. You are made of tough stuff. Don’t ever forget that. We are all in this together.

I hope wherever you are, you and all of your love ones are well and in good health.